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(For Homeowners in the Los Angeles Area)

Answer these easy questions and we will text and email you to provide a free, fast, and honest inspection of your roof's damage.

Question 1/5: What best describes your home?

It's important to know the scope of your project so we can make provide you an accurate damage assessment.

Question 2/5: What is the Scope of This Project?

We are installing lots of roofs in your community, but we always work around YOUR schedule as best we can.

Question 3/5: When are you hoping to get this done?

In order to provide an accurate estimate AND so that we can do so in way less time with way less headache, we measure your roof via satellite at no cost to you. All we need is your address!

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Lastly, we want to be able to communicate with you instantly about your free, fast and honest roof assessment.

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Brand new, gorgeous roofs for our best possible prices

Dear Homeowner,

I trust this message finds you well. If you're considering a new roof, I wanted to share my perspective with you as the owner of Infinity Oak

Roofs, as you might know, can be a significant investment. As a business owner AND homeowner, I totally understand that. 

You see the reason we are only working with Connecticut homeowners is because it allows us to work on projects in close proximity. This helps us significantly cut back on expenses. 

I believe it is only fair if we extend those savings to you.

The only thing that has kept me in business for this long is being honest and transparent with my customers. Because we run a small and well-managed company, our overhead is low. While other companies are busy paying for extravagant offices and marketing campaigns, I believe in passing the savings directly to you. 

This is why so many of our customers usually express how we offered them a quote for  THOUSANDS of dollars lower than other contractors in the area.

To be clear, I can't promise you the cheapest price, because then I would have to sell you a bad product.

But I CAN promise you the lowest price for quality that will actually last.

That's how we can provide top-quality work , installing roofs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer robust protection for your home - and all without charging 200% more than it should really cost.

It's about delivering the best work at fair prices , so you can enjoy peace of mind and also save money. If you're considering a new roof, I would love the opportunity to discuss your needs and explore what Infinity Oak can offer you. Feel free to reach out to me directly, and let's see how we can build something beautiful together.

Wishing you all the best,

Fabianny Condoy

Owner, Infinity Oak